Monday, January 14, 2013

Updated: Issue 6, what we know so far

Funcom has been giving out more and more information about the upcoming Issue 6 that is hitting the servers probably during this month. The symbol of Aten appearing above the black pyramid in the City of Sun God seems to be a step towards the big things soon going to happen in Egypt.

In addition to the DLC content taking place in Egypt, there's also a bunch of new things coming with the issue 6. Not smallest of them is the game's fourth aux weapon.

Update 4: In January's Game Director's letter Joel Bylos confirmed that the new auxiliary weapon will indeed be a whip, like we wrote originally in this post. *Snap, crackle & pop* - all you non believers! In the letter Bylos also revealed that there will be more improvements coming with the Issue 6. Notably the changes will affect the current cabal system, and PvP. The release date for the DLC of the Issue 6 is moved to the end of February, due to the restructuring process taking place at Funcom. Our full post about the news related to January's Game Director's letter can be found here.

Hit past the break to read more about what to expect from the issue 6. The text below might contain spoilers.

What we know so far, is that Issue 6 will take place in Egypt, and it's supposed to be taking big junks of influence from both Indiana Jones and Uncharted.

"For example, in Issue #6, the storyline will take place in Egypt. A series of missions that leads you through a war between the Cult of Aten and the Marya, before slinging you backwards in time to steal artifacts from the Deus Sol Invictus and then returning to the present for the climax as you fight your way along a moving train, desperately attempting to stop it from reaching Cairo carrying a bomb like the one that was released in Tokyo." - Joel Bylos, in the Game Director's Letter, December 2012

There is going to be a new auxiliary weapon, and dev's have let it be understood that it might be achieved through the Issue 6 mission chain. This might be a bit of a downer for some of the non-members as it seems to be highly likely that the next aux weapon will be part of the DLC. Bylos has commented that the developers wanted to give the three first aux weapons, one of each type, for free to players. But future aux weapons might be part of the DLC's.

The idea of the aux weapons seems to be freeing an extra slot for abilities. Then again there's a rumor, that the incoming aux weapon might just have a travelling ability with it. Is it just a dash type of ability like rocket jump is yet to be seen. [I can't find the quote for the mention of the transportation aux ability, but i'm pretty sure it was in the beyond the Veil interview on December 21st.]

Meanwhile elsewhere, another developer managed to slip several months ago that one of the future aux weapon will be a bull whip [Can't find a quote for this either]. What are the chances that an Indiana Jones themed mission chain would have a bull whip as an aux weapon?

Joel Bylos also mentions in the Beyond the Veil interview [around 2:11:00], that there are also some new ways used in the mission design. Possibly even an Indiana Jones like fist fight against the big boss in the end.

Other changes

There seems to be a load of other changes coming with Issue 6. Here are some of the ones we know about.

Everyone who made it through the final mission in the previous ARG is going to get a survivors outfit with the release of the issue 6. The looks of the survivor outfit are not clear as of writing this, but we will be sharing them as soon as we get a look at the new uniform.

There is also going to be a minor, but very much essential addition to pet controls. According to Senior Gameplay Designer Citric, starting with Issue 6 all the pets will become unsummonable.

Joel Bylos also talked in the beyond the Veil interview on December 21st about a new GUI mod manager, that is going to be introduced with the issue 6.

According to the same interview there is also some new ways coming for casual players to get end game gear. This is not about increasing drop rates, but introducing new ways for players to get access to end game gear. This could be something like five to twenty times slower than current way of doing dungeons, but it would still open a new way for casual players to acquire "nightmare gear".

Update 1: As the restructuring is taking place at Funcom, it would seem possible that Issue 6 might be affected in some ways due to this. Senior Gameplay Designer Citric has posted on the forums and mentioned that the restructuring is distracting the normal work of the developers. It's very probable that most of the Issue 6 content is already done, as developers have stated before that several issues are being developed simultaneously, but the restructuring might still push the release of the next issue bit off from the original schedule.

Update 2: Game Director Joel Bylos has just posted to the forums and informed that the Issue 6 DLC part of the Issue 6 is not going to make it in January. It's not yet clear whether or not the next Issue will be released before the middle of February, when many of the members and lifetimers are going to get their next batch of monthly bonus points.

Update 3: It would seem that Joel Bylos's previous post was only about the DLC part of the Issue 6. He has just written another post and cleared what he was talking in the previous post. It would seem that only the DLC part of the Issue 6 would be postponed to February for sure. There is a change some of the other parts of the Issue 6 would come earlier. For example, the reward for those who completed the mission 6 of the End of Days ARG might still come in January.

Has there been any other things mentioned coming with issue 6? Do you have the missing quotes for the whip slip? Share your knowledge in the comments below.


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  1. Thanks for the link to that Beyond the Veil interview. I hadn't listened to that before, and it was very interesting. My favorite tidbit from Joel was the upcoming faction missions which involve infiltration of the other faction bases. He didn't say which issue, but sometime this year. As an example, the Illuminati have a demon in the basement (useful for making deals with the devil), and each faction has a mission involving him.

    Joel also mentioned the new PvP feature he called Black Ops which will involve an item spawning randomly in a regular play zone, and each faction will have to fight to control the item. This sounds like a great idea for getting people involved in PvP who don't normally participate.

  2. Next aux weapon will almost certainly be in Issue #6 *DLC*, but not necessarily part of its specifically long questline.